Greetings. Welcome to Sir Hammerlock’s Monster Hunt.

This adventure will be exciting and full of surprises. Monster hunting? Check. Treasure vault hunting? Check. New and exciting monsters? Double check.

You’ll see various characters from other rpgs, video games, and a few other things.

So i’ve been asked for more of a breakdown of what this campaign involves. So here it goes an example…

Your tasked to hunt down a certain creature for its fur. maybe you want to do some research on these creatures and see what you can dig up. maybe you want to find lesser creatures of the same type to see what they are like in combat. maybe you don’t want to take the job for the person and chose to hunt it for personal gain and profit. perhaps your not a monster hunter at all and are instead a treasure seeker. its all up to you.

if your a monster hunter you’ll be going about the world, researching, investigating and hunting creatures. some might be your normal run of the mill monsters. some might be special and “named” creatures. some hunters might keep various monster parts as trophies. maybe your looking for something special to be made and your hunting this beast down to get what you need.

if your a treasure hunter, you might follow along with the monster hunters to see if what your looking for is there in the lair, or castle, or area. maybe you sell the treasure off, maybe you keep them as collections of your journeys.

while monster hunters will know more about the creatures, how they behave, ecology, habits, etc… treasure hunters will know more about what you can use from the monsters, the valuable parts and what is needed to collect them. these types of skills will require skill checks to be made.

Sir Hammerlock's Monster Hunt

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